Dillo Day 2020 FAQ's

Digital Dillo is this Saturday!

  • The event will start at 1:30 PM Central
  • Tune in on May 30th using this link: www.liveshow.link/digitaldillo2020
      Email: Any valid Northwestern affiliated email will be granted access to the stream
      Event Code: digitaldillo

In Case of an Emergency

What do I do if I experience an emergency or am concerned about another student experiencing an emergency during Digital Dillo?

  • Students experiencing an emergency or concerned about another student experiencing an emergency should call 911 or contact their local emergency responders. 
  • Students who have concerns about a community member or non-emergency student behavior during Digital Dillo are encouraged to submit a Community Concerns Report.
When is Dillo Day 2020?

May 30, 2020. We are finalizing details for artist performances. Check back on this site for regular updates.

What time is the event?

Digital Dillo will be broadcasting from 1:30PM – 9:00PM Central


How can I watch the performances?

Northwestern students will be able to watch the performances via a digital platform. Private access information will be sent out in advance of the event.

Will Lakefront be open during Dillo Day?

No. Dillo Day 2020 is strictly a virtual event and no in-person activities are permitted per the current stay-at-home order.

What is the link to access the performances?


You will also need your Northwestern email address, and the access code for the event is digitaldillo


What technical requirements do I need to access the link on my phone, tablet, or computer?

None. Your device will support the ability to stream the event without needing to download anything. 


Who do I contact during Digital Dillo with technical issues?

Tech support will be available via a pop-up chat feature on the livestream site

where do I report my concerns about my Dillo Day experience?

The following resources are available should you need to access them before, during, or after Digital Dillo:

If I can't attend Saturday, can I watch at a later date?

No. Digital Dillo is a live event and the content will not be able to be viewed after its conclusion.