Student Affairs Buddy Program

staff getting to know each other

Getting To Know Northwestern Campus

Our Goal

The Student Affairs Buddy program's is to expand a new hire's circle of colleagues early on in their tenure at Northwestern, making them feel more at home within Division of Student Affairs as well as the broader community.

  • Make e-mail or phone contact within first week of employment, offer to walk the new hire over to Norris to get their Wildcard or to the Parking Office, etc.
  • Set-up a lunch/coffee date with another co-worker by the end of their first month
  • Ask them to join you at the next Staff Development program
  • Follow-up with messages and/or lunches/coffee dates at three months and six months
  • Alert them by e-mail of any special or notable upcoming events in which they might have interest
  • At Student Affairs events, make it a point to introduce them to some of your colleagues or offer the seat next to you

Campus Tours

The Staff Engagement Committee will begin hosting semi-annual (one each quarter) campus tours to better acquaint new (or not so new) employees with Northwestern’s campus.  We encourage everyone to participate, it’s a great way to get out of the office for an hour or so and socialize with colleagues.  We’ll also provide a complimentary lunch after the tour at one of our dining halls.

Dates:  TBD