Beyond Northwestern: The Undergraduate Class of 2016

Learn about the career outcomes of the Northwestern undergraduate class of 2016 six months after graduation in the newly released first destination summary from NCA. This report represents data from 81% of the undergraduate members of the class of 2016, and it provides insight into where they are now based on industry, salary, and geographic location. NCA is currently developing a section of its website that will allow the Northwestern community to access first destination data for specific schools/colleges or majors at any point in time. This is expected to be available this summer. [Read More]
Smart Dillo & Fallin' Foster (Don't Go On The Roof)

Smart Dillo is Back!

Dillo Day is almost here and Smart Dillo has returned to help students learn how to stay safe on Dillo Day. Follow Smart Dillo's story on Facebook, Snapchat (@smartdillonu), and with our instructional Smart Dillo videos! Make sure to look out for Smart Dillo as they continue spreading their message: Play it Smart.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Hosts Annual Leadership Retreat

Chapter leaders from Northwestern's fraternities and sororities came together for a weekend of leadership development and community building at Fraternity and Sorority Life's annual Greek Leadership Retreat. The weekend consisted of sessions centered on topics such as emotionally intelligent leadership, the power of vulnerability, and power and privilege dynamics within the FSL community at Northwestern. The 30-hour retreat sought to prepare students to gain an increased understanding of their efficacy as leaders and how to use their leadership to advance their personal goals.

Accessible NU Receives Grant

AccessibleNU received a grant from the Northwestern Alumnae Grants Committee for $7,000 to support their project: Inclusive Learning & Teaching via Using Universal Design of Instruction. This is a terrific partnership between Student Affairs, their academic partners, and the alumnae.

SIGP Awards Record Number of Students

Northwestern Career Advancement's SIGP is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Past recipients were interviewed and featured in an article by Clare Milliken which was posted on the Northwestern Now news page. SIGP is dedicated to providing grants to help students take unpaid summer internships and have awarded 400 grants in 2017, the most in SIGP history. [Read More]

Health Service Introduces New Patient Support Services

Health Service has introduced a Patient Support Service program to help students navigate the healthcare system. The program provides students with Patient Advocacy Coordinators who can guide students through everything from scheduling diagnostic tests and coordinating medical evaluations, all the way through deciphering billing information and insurance benefits after care is no longer necessary. [Read More]

Beyond Northwestern Student Affairs
Recognizing Student Affairs staff beyond Northwestern:
  • John Dunkle: Featured in the Student Affairs Today newsletter with his article on assessing campus threats situations and the related psychological issues.
  • Todd Adams: Served on consultation team at MIT to review student conduct policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Jim Stachowiak: Presented “Tackling the Note Taking Accommodation with Technology” at 32nd Annual California State University – Northridge Assistive Technology Conference.
  • Josh McKenzie: Board Member of the National Orientation Directors Association.
  • Student Assistance & Support Services: Designed and implemented national survey to benchmark and assess the field of case management.
  • Mona Dugo: Incoming National Chair of Operations and Strategic Planning, Higher Education Case Management Association, and presented HECMA webinar, “Assessing Student Learning through the Medical Leave and Reinstatement Process.”
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Deadline: Student Affairs Staff Awards Nominations

  • Wednesday, May 24: Nominate a staff member, department, or group who has done exemplary work in the Division of Student Affairs!

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