Red Watch Band Receives Award Recognition

The Health Promotion and Wellness (HPaW) peer education group, WATCH (Wildcats Advancing Total Campus Health), won an Outstanding Program Award for their Red Watch Band Bystander Intervention Training at a national student affairs conference. [Read More]

Faith communities gather to discuss engagement and allyship

When world events leave us asking what we can do, we keep doing what we do: teach, advocate for social justice, and continue interfaith engagement. University President Morton Schapiro shared this message of moving forward in darkness through engagement to communities gathering at Fall Faith Fest. [Read more]

Understanding Native American Two-Spirit Identity
The Two-Spirit event, featured in Northwestern’s celebration of Native American Heritage Month, will open up an opportunity for students to explore the Native American identity through a workshop hosted by multidisciplinary Grammy winner Ty Defoe. [Read more]

Breaking the Binary: Queer and Trans* Empowerment Month

Education and visibility lead in Northwestern's Queer and Trans* Empowerment month. Multicultural Students Affairs coordinated the month of events, led by assistant director Jordan “JT” Turner. [Read more]

Ice to See you again

Rent ice skates (only $5 for staff & faculty) and hit the ice this winter quarter at the Northwestern Ice Rink on Norris' East Lawn. For complete information, visit the Norris website.

Northwestern Ice Rink: Whether You Fly or Fall
You, too, should experience the ice rink this winter!
New Staff
Welcome New Student Affairs Staff: Fall 2016
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