Contract Information


Selecting a Vendor

Northwestern Preferred Vendors

Non-Preferred Vendors

  • Requires addtitional documentation and authorizations. NU Rider must be attached (see below).
  • Review requirements under Insurance (see below).

Use current forms/rider templates available on the SOA website. Do not assume that because a form has been used in the past it is still valid.

Any custom forms should be submitted to the contract office for approval.

General Event Planning Guide that contains links for all items below.

Northwestern Contract Agreement

Northwestern University Rider 

  • Not required when the venue/vendor is on the preferred vendor matrix
  • Required for all other off campus events and when bringing an artist/speaker/vendor to campus that is on the the preferred vendor list.

Review the guidelines/requirements for your event at Northwestern's Office of Risk Management.

Contact the Risk office with any questions at 847-491-5610