SharePoint Site Request

Requesting A SharePoint Site

Before requesting a SharePoint site, a department or other business unit must identify one or more site owners — staff members that will be responsible for designing the site, configuring permissions, and acting as point person for SharePoint requests in the unit.

There are several important considerations for identifying site owners and number of sites needed by a unit:

Selecting A Site-Owner

Can the prospective site owner(s) have full access to all of the content the department, or business unit may host on the SharePoint site?

  • Site owners have administrator privileges to the entire site and may view and edit files uploaded by any user.
  • If full access would be inappropriate for any of the staff members under consideration for site ownership, multiple SharePoint sites with appropriately narrowed scope may be requested, each with their own site owner.

Can the prospective site owner(s) dedicate sufficient time to site ownership?

  • The time investment for SharePoint management is the greatest at the beginning of the process, as site owners must undergo SharePoint training and perform initial configuration of their site. Thereafter, time spent on the site will vary, depending upon the maintenance and modification needs of the unit.

How Many SharePoint Sites Do I Need?

Will one SharePoint site with sub-sites be adequate for the department, or will multiple sites be necessary?

  • Each site comes with 50 GB of storage space, though NUIT may expand this amount upon request. An infinite number of sub-sites may be created within a site, but their storage space is part of the overarching site’s 50 GB.
  • Where collaboration between sub-units of a department is common, administration of a single site with appropriately-permissioned sub-sites may be preferred. Where sub-units function with relative autonomy, separate sites may be preferred. Permission for a “member” of one site to access files on another site may be set by the other site’s owner; division of sites does not entail complete lack of cross-permissions.

Requesting A SharePoint Site

Once one or more site owners have been identified, any department or unit wishing to request a SharePoint site may submit a SharePoint Site Request Form.