Machform Form Creation Policy

Machform is the form management platform used by Student Affairs.  Any Student Affairs staff can be granted permission to create forms on the platform for University purposes.  

In order to better manage the numerous forms published by Student Affairs staff, SAIT would like form creators to follow the following policy when creating forms in Machform.

In order to be granted form-creation permission, a staff member would need to submit a request with this form, and go through a quick, virtual training with a SAIT User Support and Services staff.


Machforms Tags

Tags are used to group forms in an organized fashion. Because any number of tags can be added to a form, it's a very flexible system. All tags are case-insensitive.

To keep machforms manageable for Student Affairs. Every form should have at lease the follow four tags. 

Department Abbreviation

The Department abbreviation tag identifies the origin of the form.

For Example: CAPS , Norris , HPAW , DOS , NSFP , etc. 

View type of the form 

There are two types of forms, standalone and embedded . Depending on which type the form is, include it as a tag.

Standalone forms are forms being viewed and used within the Machforms system. Typically you would send the users a link to the form itself.  Usually, standalone forms are long, multi-page forms, such as, student program applications.

Embedded forms are forms that are embedded within a Student Affairs webpage. Usually, these forms are short, one-off forms, like comment cards or quick sign-ups that do not require a lot of time.

Time frame 

Time frame is the academic year time period in which the form is intended. The basic tag looks like this 2014-2015

If you have a form that is supposed to be used indefinitely, tag the form as permanent.

Contact NetID 

By adding the netid of the person managing the form, allows easy management of the forms for both the administrator of Machforms as well as the form owners who wants to quickly see which forms they manage. 

Removing vs Disabling Forms

Disable Button

Here is a description

When a form is out of maintenance, please remove it by deleting the form altogether. If you would like to save the entries, please archive it with the steps below.

Disabling a form should only be used when it's an cyclical ongoing form that will be relaunched next iteration. 

Archiving Entries

Machforms Export Button

1. Form the form you want to archive, click on "entries"

2. Click on Export

3. Click "Excel File (.xls)" to expor tto Excel

4. Save the file to your Department Shared Drive.

Student Affairs Themes

Machforms Theme Button

After you create a form, it is crucial to select the correct theme.  Click on "theme" under the form item, and select a Student Affairs Marketing-approved theme.  

If your form is an embedded form, you should always choose "Student Affairs Embedded Form" as it will have the correct look and feel to be embedded on the Student Affairs Website.  If your form is a standalone, you may choose either the default Student Affairs Standalone theme or your department's standalone theme.  

If you do not see your department theme available, you may request one from Student Affairs Marketing.

Inaccessible Field

Accessibility Icon

SAIT strongly discourages staff from using the Signature field, because users who have visual impairments cannot use the field.