Computer Platform Standardization

Policy Statement

The Division of Student Affairs has established Dell computers running the Windows operating system as the standard desktop and laptop platforms for staff computer acquisitions.  All new or replacement computer acquisitions will be the standard Dell desktop or laptop model currently recognized by SAIT, regardless of what model, if any, the computer is replacing, unless a reasonable justification is presented for an exception.  Reasonable justifications are limited to a computer’s ability to run required applications or perform required job functions, and do not include individual brand, style, or design preferences.

Policy Justification

In order to maximize support efficiencies and ensure staff are able to most effectively run the University’s enterprise applications, Student Affairs standardizes on a single offering for desktop and laptop acquisitions.  Computers with the Microsoft Windows operating system offer clear advantages over other manufacturers with respect to interacting with Microsoft Exchange and other Microsoft collaboration applications effectively, with fewer issues, and with complete functionality.  The majority of platform-dependent business and productivity applications Student Affairs staff may require are available only for Windows.  Dell is one of the University’s preferred vendors of Windows computers,
and offers reliable and cost-effective computers.  Understanding that there are legitimate needs for computing platforms that do not meet the established standard, the Division provides an opportunity for staff to advocate for an exception to this policy.

Origination Date: March 16, 2012
Last Amended: March 16, 2012
Version: 1.0

Who Approved This Policy: Patricia Telles-Irvin, VP Student Affairs
Contact: Jim Roberts