Access to Resources

What if I have forgotten my NetID Password?

No problem! Just visit, enter your netID, and click the "Forgot My Password" button. You will be prompted to answer 2 security questions, and then will receive an e-mail from NUIT with further instructions and a link to change your password.

If you can't remember any of your security questions, please call 847-491-4357 or e-mail NetIDs are under the jurisdiction of NUIT, and any issues with NUValidate must go through them. SAIT is always happy to facilitate communications with NUIT when requested.

What if I have forgotten my password for a Student Affairs-specific application?
SAIT performs varying levels of application support across the division and has administrative rights to only some of these programs. Submit a ticket to SAIT for user creation or password change for any of the following applications:

Micros POSConfigurator
Odyssey PCS
Point n Click

All requests for other applications should be directed to the department head. Examples of applications to which SAIT does not control access include:

AccessibleNU - AIM
CareerCat - Symplicity
Titanium Schedule

How do I obtain access to the KRONOS time entry system?

You're not alone Kronos tends to be finicky. There is a special version of Kronos, which usually causes fewer problems, and can be found at the link below:

However note that this version of the website is missing some functionality. If you need to use the full-function version of the website and are having trouble, contact SAIT.

How do I gain access to my departmental share drive?
First, try to reboot the computer, the shared drive should appear. However, if that does not work please try the following:

Windows 7

Open up Windows Explorer by either going to Start and click on Computer, or press the "Windows" key and the "e" key at the same time and do the following:

On the left side of the screen, click on "Computer"
Along the top of the screen, click on "Map Network Drive"
You can choose a drive letter, but for most of the mapped drives to the share it will be the letter "S."
Where is says folder type the following without the quotes: \\\share
You can reconnect at logon if you would like, however you may encounter an error message that the network connectional ready exists if the drive mapping works on the next reboot.
Click "Finish" and it will connect you to the drive.

Mac OS X

Click on the Desk top so that you have the Finder options along the top of your screen
Click on “Go” and then “Connect to Server”
You will be promoted for the server address type in the following with no quotes: “smb://”
There is a button off to the right of where you enter the server name. This is a bookmark button and if you click on it, it will save what you have typed so all you have to do is click on it, instead of remembering what the server name is every time.
The system will then ask you for your credentials. Enter your NetID and password.
A window will open up with your connection to the shared drive.

How can a student employee obtain access to the shared drive?

Submit a ticket via the “Help” button on your desktop or the one located at with the student’s NetID and which departmental shared drive you need them to access.

How do I establish a remote connection to my office workstation?

Certain staff members who show a demonstrable need can remotely access their computers on campus from home or other locations. Remote desktop requires VPN to be set up on the computer that you are connecting from. Instructions can be found here:

If you have been able to connect remotely before, most often the computer in the office has turned off or fallen asleep and needs to be turned back on.