IT Steering Committee

Product acquisition, custom application development, and other project requests must be reviewed and approved by the IT Steering Committee before project work commences.  The Steering Committee is composed of a representative group of staff familiar with Student Affairs business objectives, priorities, and strategic plans.

Project Request Process

  1. Business unit submit proposals for projects using the Project Request Form.  This form should be completed as early as possible to ensure sufficient time for review and approval.
  2. Project requests are reviewed by the IT Steering Committee in February, May, August, and November.  Requests are evaluated based on the criteria listed below.
  3. SAIT contacts requesters with IT Steering Committee decisions and begins work with departments on approved projects.

Project Evaluation Criteria

  • Is this project required by law or mandated by the University?
  • Is the project required for safety, emergencies, or crisis response?
  • Does this project support Student Affairs Strategic Themes?
  • Is the project required to sustain operations?
  • Is there a positive return on investment?
  • Does this project benefit more than one department?
  • Will the project improve staff ability to provide services to students?
  • Does the project alleviate identified student dissatisfaction?
  • Has the project scope been defined?
  • Is the effort reasonably relative to the expected benefits?
  • Has funding been secured?
  • Do we have the expertise required to complete and support the project?
  • Is the technology mature, or does the Division have experience with it?
  • Does the project have the sponsorship of a member of SALT?

IT Steering Committee Members

  • Todd Adams, Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students
  • John Alexander, Executive Director, Health Services
  • Lesley-Ann Brown-Henderson, Ph.D, Executive Director of Campus Inclusion and Community
  • Mary Desler, Senior Assessment Analyst
  • Sheila Driscoll, Director, Business and Finance
  • John Dunkle, Executive Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Mark Presnell, Executive Director, Northwestern Career Advancement
  • Paul Riel, Executive Director, Residential Services
  • Jim Roberts, Senior Director, Information Technology
  • Kelly Schaefer, Assistant VP for Student Engagement