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Social Media Summit

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Global Marketing Social Media Expert, Amy Burkhardt spoke to the different divisions about the new Facebook Algorithm, Sprinklr Interface Updates and more. With other presenters talking about their success and best practices. Here is great information from that presentation.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend this morning’s Social Media Summit! Below you’ll find the Box link to the PDF of our deck from today. You’ll also find a link with some additional information about Facebook’s algorithm change, and how they define “engagement bait”.

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Cascade Training Materials

Announcement-July 20, 2017

For all new MUG members signing up, Cascade will be updating their interface on August 12th. We are having a training for everyone on August 8th at 2pm. We will have follow up trainings after that to be announced. I will not be doing any Cascade trainings between now and August 8th. If you have updates that need to be made, please pass them on to me at and I will gladly take care of them for you!

If you sign up here for MUG, I will add you to the August 8th invite.

Thanks so much!-jill norton

Cascade Reminders

  • Name all files, folders, and pages all lower case, no spaces, hyphens only
  • Carousel images MUST be images, not fliers or text
  • Always use the 't' tool before pasting any content into Cascade
  • Whenever adding/deleting/changing pages in Cascade, you will need to publish from the Base Folder
  • Any changes to Planit Purple or Machforms require a Cascade publish to make those changes appear on your live site.

Cascade Content Types

There are several types of page types in Cascade that you can use. Here are examples of them being used now. Please contact Jill Norton if not sure what type works best for your content.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics can provide helpful and insightful information about the usage of our websites. We will continue to provide information, trainings, access and stories from colleagues on how they use their analytics and their experience can help us on this page.