Email Marketing Recommendations for Departments

Know what your 'Call to Action' is and speak to that.

Users are inundated with emails. What will make your email effectively stand out?

At a glance the reader should:

  1. Know who is sending the email – using a logo prominently will help.
  2. Grab the viewers’ attention, using high quality, interesting images to catch viewers eye when they open the email, scroll through the email.
  3. Know what the sender is asking of you. The reader wants to know immediately what their action should be. Is it a call to sign up for event, confirmation, invite, survey, welcome. The emails should be targeted according to the action required. (

Using MailChimp

Use MailChimp to build your email messages. This platform will help keep it branded, responsive to various screen sizes, and visually dynamic. Additionally, you’ll have statistics you need to know what’s working and what isn’t.

To ensure you create a responsive, effective email and that you can track statistics, we recommend you use use MailChimp in one of two ways:

1. Send your Emails from MailChimp

  • It’s free for fewer than 2,000 recipients, $50/month for up to 5,000 recipients (Pricing details).
  • Upload your email list.
  • Use the templates to create your email.
  • Test your email before you send it.

2. Paste your HTML code from MailChimp into NU Bulk Mail

  • Create a test list that will send emails to you (and any other colleagues who should receive the test emails)
  • Create your email using templates
  • Send the email to your test list.
  • Copy the HTML code.
  • Paste the HTML code into NU Bulk Mail and send email.


Contact James McHaley with any questions.