Email Listservs

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Alice Millar Chapel

Access the Alice Millar Chapen Listserv here.

(Church in the Chapel)—Sign up for events particular to Alice Millar Chapel.

Campus Inclusion and Community

Access the Campus Inclusion and Community Listserv here.

Norris Listserv

Access Norris Listserv here.

Shares each week’s events, promotions, and updates from Norris University Center.

NU Parents & Family Mailing List

Access NU Parents & Family Mailing List here.

Off Campus Life

If you currently are a NU student and would like to be placed on the NU off-campus community listserv please send a request to from your NU email account.


Access SHAPE Friends Listserv here.

We also have SHAPEFRIENDS which is for non-SHAPE members to stay informed of upcoming SHAPE events, programs, recruitment, etc.