Financial Resources

The Student Emergency and Essential Needs (SEEN) Fund assists students who are facing unexpected financial expenses associated with emergencies or essential needs. Assistance can cover but is not limited to illness, travel associated with death or illness of a family member, food insecurity, office visit co-pays, outstanding medical bills, prescription medication, essential dental and vision care, and testing for disabilities, for the current academic year. Apply for the SEEN Fund through the SES One Form.



Not Eligible

Food Insecurity
Tuition and Fees
Office visits (Mental health, Dental, Vision, Hospitals, Doctor's Office, etc.)
Technology Repairs
Outstanding Medical Bills
Study Abroad
Emergency Travel
Non-Emergency Travel Home
Prescription Medicine
Travel Over Breaks (Thanksgiving, Spring Break, etc.)
Preventative Dental
Course-related Books and Supplies
Preventative Vision
Tobacco and Alcohol
Testing for Disabilities
Entertainment Expense
Other (reviewed on a case-by-case basis)


Apply for the SEEN Fund

Apply for the SEEN Fund through the SES One Form. There are two steps:

  • Step One: Complete General Application (similar to a basic profile)
  • Step Two: Complete the SEEN Fund Application. Application includes four questions (one is optional):
    1. Please select the nature of your request (select one of the eligible categories listed above)
      1. If you selected "Other" above, please provide more details.
    2. For dental and vision requests, please choose from dental/vision below and review this document (available soon) to see a list of discounted dentist and vision providers.
    3. Please upload any outstanding medical bills/expenses (if you are requesting assistance).
    4. Request Amount Information:
      1. Is your request recurring? (i.e. monthly/weekly/daily expense or one-time expense)
      2. How much are you requesting? (If recurring, please list the individual expense and provide information on how long you plan to incur this expense)



Please email Cindy Waldeck