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Dean of Students Search

About the Dean of Students Search

Northwestern seeks a Dean of Students who is student-centered, establishes meaningful student and community relationships, understands student development, and who considers it a privilege to support students through difficult times. The Dean will be committed to the promise of students’ education and growth and be able demonstrate how they bring student development experience for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Also, the Dean of Students will comprehensively lead the division and partners across campus to advance areas of holistic wellness and social justice through equity and inclusion lenses for students.

As a member of the Vice President for Student Affairs’ leadership team, the Dean will collaborate with division, campus, and community partners in Evanston and Chicago to facilitate a collaborative approach for student wellness that connects on-going student support, student development, crisis management, and post-crisis recovery. Through strategic planning, the Dean of Students will display expert competencies in understanding and addressing organizational health and setting the vision for the Dean of Students portfolio. The Dean of Students will create, engage in, and evaluate student-centered initiatives that support and improve the student experience.



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Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or comments for the search co-chairs, please contact Miriam Sherin and Kelly Schaefer at

Nominate a Candidate!

If you would like to nominate a candidate for this position, please write to Robin Mamlet, Jen Pickard, and Jessica Herrington at

Candidate with questions?

If you are a candidate with questions about the position should write to Robin Mamlet, Jen Pickard, and Jessica Herrington at

Search Committee Membership

Dean of Students Search Committee
Kelly Schaefer Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement in Student Affairs (Search Committee Co-Chair)
Miriam Sherin Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, Office of the Provost (Search Committee Co-Chair)
Steve Adams Librarian for the Graduate School, Posse 7 Faculty Mentor, and representing the Faculty Senate
Lori Barcliff-Baptista Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Advising and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Performance Studies in the School of Communication
Dan Foley Assistant Director for Facilities at the Norris University Center in Student Affairs
Keith Garcia Assistant Director in Fraternity and Sorority Life within Campus Life in Student Affairs
Carlos Gonzalez Executive Director for Residential Services in Student Affairs
Karina Karbo-Wright Undergraduate student studying African American studies and minoring in sociology, legal studies, and Spanish; Chair of Social Justice Education and Recruitment in the Associated Student Government
Jacob Kupferberg Graduate student studying Material Science; Chairperson for the Graduate Leadership & Advocacy Council NSF Fellow in the Samuel Stupp Lab
Fabiola Montiel Director for Clinical Services for Counseling and Psychological Services on the Chicago Campus in Student Affairs
Jill Sieben-Schneider Associate Dean of Students & Director Accessible NU in the Dean of Students Office in Student Affairs
Susie Spies-Roth Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Associate Dean and Dean of Students in the School of Law
Liz Fekete Trubey Assistant Dean, Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Damon Williams Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, The Graduate School Administration

  The Northwestern Dean of Students Search Committee is supported by the considerable talents of Laura Cardimen, Program Coordinator, Office of the Provost

Search Timeline*

*(subject to revisions) 

Search Timeline
Month Event
January 2021
  • Search committee invited.
  • Community listening meetings scheduled to build the leadership profile
February 2021
  • Vice President for Student Affairs issues charge to search committee at its first meeting.
  • Community feedback solicited
February-March 2021
  • Leadership profile written and posted
  • Candidate recruitment
April 2021
  • Applications reviewed
  • Round 1 candidate interviews
May 2021
  • Round 2 candidate interviews
  • Recommendation to Vice President for Student Affairs
July 2021
  • Target start date for Dean of Students

Leadership Profile

For information related to the position, please review this leadership profile. You can read elements of the description here:

The Dean of Students provides leadership for the planning, development, management and evaluation of key wellness and wellbeing functions in Student Affairs, including Parent and Family Programs, Community Standards, AccessibleNU, Off Campus Life, Student Assistance and Support Services, CARE, and the Dean of Students Office.

This position is responsible for serving on the Behavioral Consultation Team, the University Crisis Management Team, and the Undergraduate Council. The position also works closely with other Student Affairs departments, most notably Campus Life and Residential Services, and the Office of General Counsel, the Office of Equity, and Northwestern University Safety and Security in managing critical student issues.

The Dean of Students is responsible for responding to various constituents such as undergraduate and graduate/professional students, parents, faculty, and other stakeholders. The Dean of Students reports directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs.  

Give Feedback on the Dean of Students Search

The search for our new Dean of Students has been improved by the diverse and inclusive perspectives of our campus community, and there were several ways community members offered input. Thank you to those of you – students, faculty, and staff – who have given feedback through Campus Feedback Sessions and through the survey.

We have incorporated your feedback from Campus Feedback Sessions and the survey into the writing of the  leadership profile (see tab above). Please review it for the contributions of the community in creating the profile for our next Dean of Students.

If you were unable to attend a Campus Feedback Sessions or complete the survey, there will be additional opportunities for feedback as we progress in the search. Opportunities will be posted to this page. Until then, if you would like to nominate a candidate for the position, please write to Robin Mamlet and Jen Pickard at