Assessing Outcomes

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There are many outcomes associated with higher education that we routinely measure and report. These include the success of our graduates or their first destination, leadership, and civic engagement.

Post-Graduation Survey (annually)

The Post-Graduation Survey is sent to all undergraduate and graduate students who graduate from Northwestern in a given year. The survey explores a number of outcomes as well as satisfaction with career services.

Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (every three years)

The Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership is an international research program focused on understanding the influences of higher education in shaping socially responsible leadership capacity and other leadership related outcomes (e.g., efficacy, cognitive skills, resiliency).

Civic Engagement (longitudinal study)

The Civic Engagement study is a collaborative effort with the Center for Civic Engagement that is exploring the civic engagement of students who started Northwestern in 2010 and who will graduate in 2014.