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Strategic Themes

Strategic Theme 1: Cultivate Organizational Health

We will continue to foster a healthy, functional, and sustainable Student Affairs organization by enhancing our work environments, communications, technologies, professional development, staff wellness, policies, and processes.

Strategic Theme 2: Enrich the Northwestern Community

We will provide services, programs, activities, and opportunities for shared experiences that contribute to a sense of belonging, affinity, and a vibrant Northwestern experience.

Strategic Theme 3: Advance Social Justice

We will champion a socially just environment by increasing awareness, challenging assumptions, removing barriers, and advocating for and with diverse voices in the Northwestern community.

Strategic Theme 4: Foster Student Wellness

We will provide programs, deliver services, and influence policies that promote mental, physical, and emotional health, resilience, and well-being.

Strategic Theme 5: Further Student Learning

We will implement, assess, and continually improve learning experiences, and provide opportunities for the integration of learning.