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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles are the over arching, exemplary concepts and commitments that govern the work of the Northwestern University Division of Student Affairs; they apply to the programs and services offered in every area of the Division, and therefore function as operational principles for each of the strategic theme areas of the plan. Although presented succinctly here, these principles are intended to be applied universally.

Commitment to Excellence

 Upholding excellence as the ultimate principle in our personal conduct, work, programs, policies, and services.


Making deliberate and strategic decisions that contribute to the welfare of our students, colleagues, and community.


Holding ourselves and others responsible to our values, guiding principles, and institutional resources.


Engaging with sincerity and honesty in our interactions and decision making.


Asking questions and seeking new approaches and strategies to find solutions and improve programs, policies, and services.


Consistently listening intently and sharing clear information with internal and external constituents in a timely manner.