Student Insurance Core Values

Dune horse on Clark Street, with spring flowers

We live these values everyday, as we serve Northwestern University students, their families, and our campus partners:


To accomplish our goals, we rely on guidance, relationships, and assistance across the entire Northwestern community.  We work with students and their families, departments and units across the University, as well as outside agencies and businesses, to help students achieve and maintain academic success and wellness. 


We provide students with the necessary information and skills they need to make well-informed decisions that support their health and well-being. We aid students' co-curricular learning around financial literacy, healthcare management, and other applicable life skills, so they can effectively tackle problems and identify personal solutions.


We are committed to ensuring all Northwestern students have access to effective, comprehensive coverage that meets their healthcare needs. To do this, we understand that we need to be sensitive to how we present University requirements and policies, and to recognize and respond to diverse needs and perspectives surrounding care, access, coverage, and health.


We seek to act authentically, and with empathy, in serving students and the larger Northwestern community. We will provide students, families, and staff with honest answers to issues and concerns, and present policies and requirements consistently and accurately. We stand by our word.


We are defined by our service to the University. We support, and work to advance, our shared goals to cultivate organizational health, foster student wellness, further student learning, advance social justice, and help enrich our entire community.


We are committed to creating programs, delivering services, and developing policies that support and enhance physical, mental, emotional, and community health and wellness, and providing support and opportunities for students to develop resilience and life skills directed to their well-being.