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Change Management Training

Generating ideas is easy. Getting people aligned to those ideas is hard. That's where the stakeholder analysis you introduce comes in and is very handy ... ”

— Northwestern Staff Member

What is change management?

Change management refers to the tools and methods utilized to enact organizational change that is both readily adopted and sustained. It allows a change agent to assess the need for change, align efforts and resources, and lead people through the change. Effective change management goes beyond project management and tasks undertaken to enact organizational changes and involves leading people to understand, engage with, and ultimately adopt changes.

If you want to learn about change management, we can help you.

Participants learn how to employ a five-step change framework to help people identify, engage with, and ultimately adopt changes such as a new system, new organizational structure, or new process. The framework emphasizes a strategic, inclusive, consultative, and data-driven approach that incorporates multiple perspectives into the design and implementation of change.

Change management programs feature shared learning among peers from across the university and mentoring from OSC change practitioners. Upon completing each program, participants receive the OSC Playbook, a resource complete with tools and templates for those who are supporting and/or leading change initiatives.

Change Management Programs

What are participants saying about their experience?

Respondents stated that participating in the peer learning group resulted in:

Increased knowledge of tools & methods
Applied learned insights in other contexts
Successfully implemented at least one change

Featured Participants

Strategies to Support African American Women in Medill’s IMC Graduate Program

Addressing enrollment disparity and improving the academic experience of African American women in Medill’s full-time Integrated Marketing & Communication (IMC) graduate program.

Julie Collins
Assistant Dean Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid, Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications

Julie Collins headshot
Jill Johnson

Engagement in Accreditation Process

Developing an engagement plan for stakeholders whose policies and procedures relate to the Northwestern Police Department (NPD) accreditation process with a national commission on law enforcement.

Jill Johnson
Director of Planning and Program Initiatives, Department of Safety & Security

Increasing Self-Directed & Peer Learning

Redesigning the Kellogg Alumni Career & Professional Development coaching model to expand our reach to more alumni.

Matthew Temple
Senior Director of Alumni Career & Professional Development, Kellogg School of Management

Matthew Temple headshot

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