With input from advisors, collaborators and others, we have selected the following as initial contextual targets to highlight the significance and challenges of standards and participation in standards development, and importance of deeper coverage in business and engineering curricula: innovation/ entrepreneurship; extended supply chains; the emergence of interconnected predictive and self-correcting smart systems; and sustainability as well as cross-cutting standards development, strategy and adoption (processes, trends and implications.) Engineering Design is viewed as a sub-theme in each area. These are high-priority for industry and are increasingly included in courses. Although the inherent complexity, interconnections and dynamics in these areas require both current and evolving standards and such standards significantly impact competitiveness, related standards management is poorly addressed.

Each topic area introduction links to a discussion forum with sections for each topic and includes initial discussion questions. Also provided are links to a growing illustrative set of topic-tagged published papers. Sample teaching materials posted elsewhere on the site include examples within the target topics. Industry and academic advisors are active in the discussion forum and their topic specific interest/experience is indicated. (See advisor bios.)