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My Supervisor

What if I have changed jobs during this past year? Which job will I be referencing?

Provide your answers based on your current position as of the date you take the survey.

My direct supervisor/leader has left the University and a replacement has not been hired, so how do I answer the “direct leader (supervisor)” questions?

Answer the questions based on the interim direct supervisor/leader if you have one. If an interim direct supervisor/leader has not yet been appointed, answer the questions based on the last direct supervisor/leader you had.

I understand there are questions in the survey that ask me to give feedback about my direct supervisor/leader. I changed direct supervisors/leaders in the last few months, so which direct supervisor/leader should I be thinking about when I answer the questions?

You should answer the “direct leader [supervisor]” questions based on whom you report to as of when you take the survey. The results will be reported based on a “snapshot” of the organizational structure on that date.