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Our Mission

We strive to foster a culture where Northwestern recognizes our staff’s important and critical roles on campus, thereby providing staff with fulfilling careers and rewarding experience. We believe staff members will be more motivated and invested in contributing to the University when they feel their experience here is meaningful.


Feedback from the survey will provide insights that will help attract and retain staff.

  • Listen: Invite staff to share their thoughts and feedback so that we better understand what is important to them.
  • Gain insights: Establish a baseline, highlight best practices, and help focus our future actions and priorities.
  • Take action: Retain and attract the best people, help them have fulfilling careers while driving increased productivity.

Guiding Principles

Five core principles guide the 2017 Staff Survey.


  • Leaders communicate purpose and value tied to Northwestern’s vision and priorities
  • Leaders are accountable for sharing results and taking action at University and school/unit levels


  • Overall University results shared quickly and openly with staff
  • Appropriate level of information shared at the school/unit level


  • Anonymity assured through survey management by external partner, Aon
  • Results reported in aggregate for teams of sufficiently large size


  • Consistent survey approach across University based on validated methodology
  • Input from schools/units on survey design, communications, reporting, and action planning

Sustained Action

  • Actionable insights to drive improvement at the University and school/unit levels
  • Ongoing assessment to measure progress over time