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Staff Survey and Engagement

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Results & Actions

Northwestern remains committed to the growth and development of all members of our community through responding to Staff Survey results, as well as other initiatives.

Our school and unit leaders are implementing many changes, both small and large, to improve the staff experience. Several schools and units have expanded channels dedicated to staff communication and dialogue, such as town halls and newsletters; many are focused on professional development opportunities for staff and managers; and some are also redesigning processes so that staff can work more efficiently.

Additionally, four cross-University action teams developed recommendations for University-wide implementation, which will make positive and meaningful differences to areas such as staff career development; diversity, equity, and inclusion; work processes, and leadership communication.

Survey Timeline

How did we get here?  The inaugural Staff Survey was conducted in November 2017.  The timeline describes the focus on the results and action planning.  As we move forward, staff engagement continues to be an ongoing focus as we plan for the future of Northwestern.  

FALL 2018/WINTER 2019

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Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Should you have any comments or questions regarding any process of the 2017 Northwestern Staff Survey, we have a team of HR professionals ready to assist you.