Student Learning Outcomes

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes is an important part the Northwestern University culture.

At NUHS Sports Medicine, we pride ourselves on continuing to assess what we are teaching our patients, students, and community. To learn more about Student Learning Outcomes, visit the Student Affairs Assessment website. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Natalie at Student Learning Session

Students who utilize the University Health Service will (or will be able to)...

  • Acquire and use information that will enable them to manage their personal health and wellness needs. (Cognitive and Practical Skills)
  • Acquire and use knowledge, skills and information that will enable them to effectively navigate the healthcare system. (Cognitive and Practical Skills)
  • Understand and engage in individual health care practices that contribute to the overall health of the Northwestern Community. (Personal Development)


2014-2015 Project: Concussion Education

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A novel concussion education program was implemented within the club sports population during the 2014-2015 academic year.  Below are the results, presentations, and resources related to this project.

Students who complete the Concussion Education Module will [or will be able to]..

  1. Correctly identify symptoms of a concussion
  2. Identify complications of returning to physical activity while still experiencing concussion symptoms.
  3. Know where and how to seek help if they sustain a concussion. 
  4. Demonstrate where and how to seek help if they have a concussion. 

Presentation given at the 2nd Annual Student Learning Assessment Conference in June 2015

Poster presented at the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine in April 2015

Poster presented at the Provost Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Forum in November 2015