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Payroll Deduction for Grad Students

Northwestern's payroll deduction option allows graduate students to deduct their health insurance and/or campus housing payments from their stipend checks over a nine- to twelve-month period.


Payroll deduction is available to graduate students who receive a stipend or pay from the University.


When you complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form, you can specify the amounts you would like deducted for health insurance and/or graduate housing each month.

You are responsible for paying any remaining balance due on your student account bill, not covered by payments from your payroll deductions or by credits applied to your account in anticipation of payments from payroll deductions or by financial aid payments or credits.


If you sign up to make payments via payroll deductions, an advance credit will be applied to your student account, and then each month the amount deducted from your stipend check will be applied automatically against the credit in your account.

Application details

Complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form (or the Previous Year's Form during the summer term) and deliver it to Student Finance on Evanston or Chicago campuses.

It is due before the 8th of the month in which deductions will begin.