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Northwestern University

Loan Terms & Conditions

Northwestern loans and services

Northwestern offers both need-based and non-need based student loans. Student must be enrolled as a full time student at Northwestern University. Northwestern's Student Loan Office also services some student loans after graduation and through repayment.

The following terms and conditions are rules the borrower must abide by when accepting the loan. It is important that you carefully read and understand this information. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Student Loan Office.

2016-17 terms and conditions

  1. NU Alternative Loan for Graduate and Professional Students (GPAL)
  2. Northwestern University Kellogg International Option A
  3. Northwestern University Kellogg International Option B
  4. NU Medical School – Unsubsidized
  5. Northwestern University Loans for Undergraduates
  6. NU Loan for International Undergraduates
  7. NU Loan for Graduate and Professional Students (SUPSL)
  8. Northwestern General Endowed
  9. Northwestern Undergraduate - Study Abroad

Loan application process

Walk through the steps to applying and receiving student loans.

In-school borrower obligations

Student borrowers must attend an exit interview before graduation. Parents who have NU Loans are required to make payments while their students are in school.

Online tools

Mandatory entrance counseling for Stafford and Perkins loans is done online. Students can use CAESAR to apply for an NU Loan, view their award, and request a refund.

Student loan repayment

Learn about the loan billing and payment process, and avoid common payment problems on the Repayment page.

Loan help

Student loans can be confusing. This section provides the following information to help answer your questions:

TILA - student loan disclosures

The federal government has mandated that disclosure notices be provided for all private educational loans as it relates to the Truth -in-Lending Act for Regulation Z. For more information about the regulations, see the FDIC website.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact the Student Loan Office at (847) 491-3125 or 


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