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Northwestern Scholars is a searchable database of profiles of Northwestern University faculty, containing information about their academic appointments, publications, grants, patents, and additional scholarly accomplishments and affiliations (e.g., with graduate programs). It spans all disciplines at Northwestern.

Profiles, including "scholarly fingerprints" with research concepts of each faculty member, are generated from a mining of publication text, abstracts, funding awards, project summaries, patents, and other sources. Northwestern Scholars allows you to see faculty research areas, and their collaborations with co-authors and co-investigators, research networks, and similarities of expertise with other faculty. Profiles of core facilities are also included.

Who is included?

The following people at Northwestern University are included:

  • All Tenured-Line Faculty
  • Instructional and Clinical Faculty (excludes Health Services Clinicians or Coterminous Faculty)
  • All Research Faculty
  • All Emeritus Faculty who have ever been included in Northwestern Scholars
  • Contributed Services Faculty with active or past grants
  • Librarian Faculty identified by the library for inclusion
  • Institutional Collaborators
  • Select staff who have had grants with key roles and/or publications, determined on a case by case basis

For definitions of any of the groups above, please refer to the myHR Manual.