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Regulations & Policies

Safe Ride will only perform pick-ups and drop-offs at certain locations and within pre-defined boundaries. For more information, visit  Coverage Area .

There are also regulations and etiquette that pertain to receiving a Safe Ride. Students agree to these policies when they request a ride - the University is able to deny a ride if these policies are not being honored.

Regulations & Policies

Safe Ride is a safety service not a taxi.
  1. Safe Ride will only serve private rides. This means that you will not share a ride with other students unless you are booking in the same party as +1 types.
  2. We allow a maximum of three students from the same booking in one vehicle.
  3. Before boarding the van, students are required to show a cleared for campus screen in their symptom tracker app to drivers. Please follow this link to learn more about the symptom tracker app.
  4. You may not eat or drink in the Safe Ride vehicle.
  5. Safe Ride will not accept advance reservations, all rides are dispatched on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  6. Safe Ride doesn't allow scheduled destinations to be changed after being picked-up.
  7. Safe Ride will not transport you beyond our transportation boundaries.
  8. Safe Ride will not provide rides for less than 3 blocks.
  9. Safe Ride will only provide rides that have a drop-off or pick-up located on Northwestern's Evanston campus.
  10. Safe Ride will not schedule rides that result  in a wait time in excess of 90 mins.
  11. You must be on time for your pickup, other passengers are waiting so your car cannot wait more than two minutes.
  12. Safe Ride reserves the right to refuse service in situations that place our driver partners or other passengers in danger. Examples of this may include intoxicated, disorderly or abusive passengers.
  13. Safe Ride will charge $100.00 if a passenger vomits in a Safe Ride vehicle to cover the cost of cleaning the vehicle.
  14. Safe Ride does not provide medical transport. If you need an ambulance please use one, for less serious medical problems please see Northwestern's policy on Medical Transport of Students.

Regarding COVID-19 Safety Measures

These days, a safe ride means so much more than simply arriving at your destination without incident. We're going long on safety to make certain that the next ride you take is as safe and worry-free as possible.

 Here are a few safety measures we’ve put in place: