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Regulations and Etiquette

Can anybody use Safe Ride?

Use of Safe Ride is limited to Northwestern faculty, staff and students - you have to have a Wildcard to get a ride. Because we're a safety service rather than a taxi service, we cannot accept ride requests from parties larger than three. Please consider other options such as walking as a group or >Northwestern's shuttle service


I am 21 and I picked up alcohol with my groceries. Can I get a Safe Ride?

Safe Ride will not transport any alcoholic beverages. We recommend that you call a taxi.

  • Best Taxi: 847-864-2500
  • Northshore Cab: 847-864-7500

What happens if I vomit in a Safe Ride car?

Safe Ride will charge $125.00 to cover the cost of cleaning the vehicle. Incidents involving vomiting in Safe Ride vehicles are reported to the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution.

My ride doesn't meet the requirements. What can I do?

If either your pickup or drop-off is supposed to be a campus building, check the address again. You should also check out the university shuttle routes if you haven’t yet – they are designed to stop in the most popular areas students travel to and from. You may have to use a combination of a Safe Ride and a shuttle to get where you're going.