Notary Public Application

The Office of Risk Management provides assistance to Northwestern University employees seeking Notary Public status for university business.

Notary Commission Assistance is only available to University employees.

To become an Illinois Notary Public, you must be an Illinois resident or a resident of a qualifying bordering state. Illinois residents are commissioned in the county in which they reside. Out of state residents are commissioned in the county in which they are employed.

For additional information, please contact Pam Tackett, Business Administrator, at 847.491.5610 or

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Obtain an application.
    • Notary applications are available from the Illinois Secretary of State website.
    • A legible copy of a valid Illinois Driver's License or Illinois Identification Card must be attached to the form.
    • Please review your application to determine that it is complete before submission. Incomplete applications will be returned.
    • Your Name and Signature of Applicant must read exactly the same and be notarized by another current Illinois Notary Public; their valid rubber stamp seal must be affixed. You cannot notarize your own signature. Have the State Application Form notarized (by someone other than you) in BLACK INK. The State WILL NOT ACCEPT PHOTOCOPIES of applications.
    • On the bond portion, you must sign as Signature of Principal/Applicant. This office accepts only applications and surety bonds with an original signature. Sign both the top and bottom of the State Application Form.
  2. Forward a completed application to Leland Roth in the Office of Risk Management.
    • Include a chart string that will be used to pay for the required bond ($25) and the Secretary of State's application fee ($10). Risk Management will complete the bond section of the application and will forward the application and the $10 fee to the Secretary of State.
  3. Wait 4 to 8 weeks.
    • It can take the State of Illinois up to eight weeks to process the paperwork and notify new or renewing notaries.
    • The office of the county clerk, in the county in which you reside or are employed, will contact you upon their receipt of your commission. Failure to register with the county will result in cancellation of your commission.