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Workers Compensation Process

Both the employee and the supervisor have a responsibility to assure that complete and accurate information is conveyed to Risk Management. Northwestern University employees are advised that if these instructions are not followed, Workers' Compensation claims cannot be reviewed. Employees may not be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits and can be held responsible for any expenses incurred.

  1. In the event of a work-related illness or injury, an employee should immediately notify a supervisor or administrator and seek medical treatment. Dependent on treatment location, treatment cannot be administered without appropriate authorization. Please refer to the treatment locations for additional information.  
    • In the event of an emergency/life-threatening medical situation, please call 911
    • If non-urgent, get treatment at a primary care facility nearby the University
    • If the injury occurs on the weekend or during off work hours, please seek care at the nearest emergency room
      • Chicago - Northwestern Memorial Hospital
      • Evanston - Evanston Hospital
  2. The supervisor is responsible for the prompt completion of the Supervisors’ Injury or Illness Investigation Report and to notify Risk Management of the injury by reporting the incident.
    • Employees must participate in completing of the report. When completing the report, the supervisor should question the employee in person (or via telephone if this is not possible) to get the specific facts of the reported accident and injury.
    • If the supervisor has further information that they believe is pertinent, that information should be communicated to Risk Management.
  3. The employee is responsible for the completion of the Employee Accident Statement Form.
  4. Witnesses should complete the Witness Accident Statement Form (as applicable)

All employees receiving either initial or emergency room follow-up treatment will be given a Duty Status Report indicating when they can resume modified or full duties and whether a follow-up visit with the doctor may be requested. Employees are responsible for ensuring the report is delivered Risk Management as soon as possible and that their supervisor is notified.

Supervisors are responsible for recording time in workforce, as applicable.