Travel Warning: Risk Management - Northwestern University

Except as provided below, Northwestern University will not operate, pay for, supervise, direct, or otherwise support a study abroad program, research program, or other course or program for any students (undergraduate, graduate, professional) in a portion of a country where a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning (“Travel Warning”) is in effect.

To assure political/security evacuation coverage for individuals to the following high-threat locations, please provide travel dates and destination cities to Julie Anne Friend in Global Safety and Security at least eight weeks prior to departure: Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Niger, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. We are required to share this information with our security evacuation provider, Drum Cussac, in advance of travel.

Faculty, Staff & Graduate Students

An individual faculty member, staff member, or graduate student whose professional activities (e.g., research, teaching at a foreign institution, attendance at a conference) necessitate travel to a portion of a country where a Travel Warning is in effect and any of whose travel/research costs are paid from a University administered account may undertake such travel only after the following steps have been taken:

Undergraduate Students

All Northwestern undergraduate students are subject to the University Undergraduate International Travel Policy and Procedures, which require suspension of current and future educational activities in any country subject to the Warning, but allows for a review and grant of permission to operate in certain circumstances.

Travel Release / Waiver Forms

Completed forms should be returned to the Office of Risk Management.