Enrollment Process: Risk Management - Northwestern University

Visiting scholars who are unable to secure health insurance that meets University standards are required to enroll in the Visiting Scholar Plan. See the Waiver Process webpage for these standards.

The Northwestern University Visiting Scholar Plan Application is the only instrument that can be used to enroll in the Plan.

Applications are to be completed by the host department and must include a signature from a Dean, Director, or Department Head. To avoid unnecessary processing delays, please review each application prior to submission. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

Send completed applications to risk@northwestern.edu for approval.

It is important to note that a statutory condition of the visitor's visa is proof of continuous health insurance coverage. Therefore, the host department, as sponsor for the visitor, must be sure that coverage is in place from the date the scholar arrives in the United States until the date they leave the United States (not just the time they are here at Northwestern).

Dependent Enrollment

Eligible dependents may be enrolled in the Visiting Scholar Plan using the Dependent Form.

Health insurance that meets University standards is mandatory for dependents of international scholars. See the Waiver Process page for standards. Scholars are required to provide proof of coverage to the International Office within three days of their dependents' arrival. Therefore, dependent coverage must be in place upon entry to the United States.

Visiting scholars may not utilize the Visiting Scholar Plan for dependent coverage only. Dependents are eligible for this coverage only if the scholar is the policyholder.

Dependent coverage cannot extend beyond the scholar's period of enrollment. The start and end dates must match the visitor's, unless the dependents will arrive more than one month after or leave more than one month before the appointed scholar.

Visa Delays

Some visitors will experience delays due to visa processing issues. If travel or visa problems arise and the scholar will not arrive as scheduled, please notify the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible. Please do not wait until the scholar checks in as this may cause a gap in coverage.

Once the arrival date has been rescheduled and travel plans have been confirmed, the department must submit a revised Visiting Scholar Plan Application, found at the top of this page, for re-approval.

If the department fails to notify Risk Management of a delay before the insurance fees have been processed, the department may incur additional charges. Risk Management will not refund the department for lapsed coverage. Please track your visitors!