Student Film Insurance

The safety of Northwestern University film students, the public, their projects, and the equipment used is a central concern of Northwestern. Northwestern may provide general liability, automobile liability, and property insurance coverage for these activities when approved by the Advisor/Instructor and Risk Management.

Any Northwestern University students required to shoot a film as part of required coursework for the Department of Radio, Television and Film are required to familiarize themselves with departmental policy and the below procedures established by the Office of Risk Management before the start of any film project.

  1. Read and understand the Student Film Insurance Coverage Overview. This document outlines the insurance coverage available and responsibilities of the student(s).  Please know that the main purpose of the insurance program is to protect you (the student) and your creative work from legal liability and serious financial loss. 
  2. Complete a Risk Management Plan and email it to your Advisor/Instructor at least seven days before the start of any film project.
  3. Know your responsibilities in the event of a loss. Identify who to contact if an accident or injury occurs by following the Claims Procedures provided by the Office of Risk Management.

Claims Procedures

In the event of a loss, student(s) must notify Elizabeth Marshall within the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible. Elizabeth Marshall can be reached at 847-491-5084 or at Students should be prepared to provide details as they will be asked to complete and submit a Loss Notice to the Risk Management department for review.  All theft and vehicle losses require the filing of a police report in the jurisdiction where the theft occurred. Students are responsible for notifying law enforcement in the event of a loss.

For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Marshall, Senior Manager of Risk and Insurance, at 847.491.5084 or