Insurance Requirements for Outside Organizations: Risk Management - Northwestern University

All outside organizations sponsoring events on University premises must provide proof of general liability insurance. Such insurance shall be in the amount of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million per event and shall name Northwestern University as an additional insured. The University Department (host) who arranges the use of a University facility by an outside organization is responsible for obtaining required insurance documentation. As a general rule, there are two ways that organizations can produce evidence of insurance coverage.

The first is via the organization's insurance provider. To do this the sponsoring organization must contact their insurance broker, notify them of the date, place and nature of the event and request a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million per event naming the University as an additional insured for the on-campus event. The University host shall obtain an original Certificate of Insurance, complete the Certificate of Insurance Transmittal Form and forward both documents to the Office of Risk Management for review and approval.

Master Venue Program

The second way for outside organizations to obtain the required insurance is through the University's Master Venue Program. The Office of Risk Management has arranged coverage meeting the minimum levels stated above through Lloyd's of London. This coverage is reasonably priced and easily purchased (usually 72 hours).

The University host should assist the sponsoring organization in completing the Application for Master Venue Program Insurance and then forward it to the Office of Risk Management by fax (847-467-7475) or email Upon receipt of an application, Risk Management will determine the cost and forward a quotation to the University host. Upon notification that the sponsoring organization would like to purchase coverage, Risk Management will notify Lloyd's of London and seek a Certificate of Insurance for the event (all events must be reviewed and approved by Lloyd's). Payment for Master Venue Insurance can be made either by the sponsoring organization or via a chartstring account if the host Department is charging the sponsor a fee for facility usage.

Certain events, such as events where alcohol is served, require special consideration. It is best to check with the Office of Risk Management (847-491-8852) to see if there are unique liability exposures associated with an on-campus activity conducted by an outside entity. The Office of Risk Management reserves the right to review all sponsored activities and establish levels of insurance coverage that best protect the interests of the University.