Business Travel Accident Insurance

Business Travel Accident Insurance

Business travel accident insurance provides faculty and staff with accidental death & dismemberment benefits while on a business trip for Northwestern University. It covers both full-time and part-time faculty and staff except those working on a temporary or seasonal basis. Premiums are paid by the University.

Coverage Benefit
Business Travel 3x Basic Annual Earnings, $500,000 max.
Spousal Coverage $50,000
Dependent Child(ren) $25,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits Varies based on condition. See plan details.
Additional Benefits Carjacking, Coma, Home Alteration, Paralysis, Rehabilitation, Seatbelt. See plan details.

AXIS Blanket Accident Policy / Certificate

Your business trip must require you to travel away from your regular place of employment.

Your trip begins:

  1. When you leave your home; or
  2. When you leave your place of regular employment, whichever occurs last.

Your trip ends:

  1. When you return to your home; or
  2. When you return to your place of regular employment, whichever occurs first.

Personal travel:

Coverage shall extend to any personal travel deviation coinciding 14 days before or after the business travel.

Age Reduction:

At age 75 benefits are reduced to 50% of the pre-age 75 amount, and at age 80 to 25% of the pre-age 75 amount. Coverage terminates at retirement.

Aggregate Limit:

$5,000,000 per accident

Filing Claims and Reporting Accidents:

Any accidents while traveling on Northwestern business should be reported to the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible, at either or 847.491.5610. Risk Management will assist with filing any claims for benefits under this program.

AXIS Business Travel Accidental Death and Dismemberment Claim Form
AXIS Beneficiary Designation Form

International Medical Insurance and Emergency Evacuation:

The business travel accident coverage is not medical insurance. While traveling domestically, your personal health insurance should be used for any medical needs. If you are traveling internationally on business, coverage is provided by GeoBlue. Please see the following link for additional information about coverage for international medical or emergency needs:

For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Marshall, Senior Manager of Risk and Insurance, at 847.491.5084 or