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Finding solutions to today's complex and challenging problems.

Together, innovation and entrepreneurship are at the core of our global impact.

From the research developed in our labs to the ideas generated in our classrooms, Northwestern nurtures ideas and helps commercialize them.

Centers, Institutes and Curricula

We take innovation seriously.

At Northwestern, that means devoting centers and institutes to the process of generating ideas and finding solutions.

It also means expanding our educational opportunities so students can begin exploring the entrepreneurial process.  Some of our most exciting coursework includes:

Northwestern Incubators

At our incubator spaces tenants can find a supportive office environment to develop start-up companies and learn from mentors.

Commercialization Support

Northwestern’s Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) assists faculty and students throughout the commercialization process.

This includes securing intellectual property rights and working with external organizations (profit and non-profit) to develop and commercialize Northwestern’s innovations.


Student Groups

Northwestern student groups provide additional opportunities to explore entrepreneurship.

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