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This I Believe

I believe in love.
I believe in dogs.
I believe in burritos.
I believe in making my bed.
What do you believe in?

Northwestern Believes (formerly known as This We Believe Northwestern) is based on the popular National Public Radio program, "This I Believe," which invites participants to create and share short personal essays reflecting on what is most important in their lives... and why.

This three-session series of mini-workshops guides Northwestern community members as we share our stories and find common values. At the end of our time together in small groups of 4-6, participants will have crafted a short personal essay, or belief statement, about a time they noticed how their values influence the decisions they make and come away with an appreciation for the experiences these values come from. 

It is significant that this curriculum was dreamed about and developed in groups sitting in a circle, sharing, listening, and sometimes even eating Korean BBQ together. Gathering in a supportive environment with a meal can help us recollect stories we haven't visited in a while! 

Join Northwestern Believes for a dinner group: 

  1. 2022 Dates TBA

Been a participant and know someone who might be interested? Nominate a student, staff, or faculty member! 

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