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Interfaith Initiative - NUii Dinner

Join NUii

All students are welcome to join in the interreligious discussions and events at NUii.
We meet each week during the academic year for a light dinner. Join our NUii Facebook group to find out more.

NUii's Purpose

Northwestern University Interfaith Initiative (NUii) exists because religion is valuable and that all faiths deserve mutual respect. This, NUii's chief objective is the build the presence and awareness of religious pluralism by increasing constructive communication between religiously diverse peers within the Northwestern community. This necessarily requires an appreciation of individual differences and shared values.

We believe that religious pluralism occurs because of interactions between religious groups. Therefore, on the inter-organizational level, NUii's objective is to serve as a nexus for campus religious groups to coordinate cosponsored programming.

We further believe that dialogue is an integral part of achieving true religious pluralism. Because we believe in the value of religious pluralism, we thereby aim to create opportunities for deliberate interreligious dialogue.

NUii's Program

In general, NUii will provide opportunities for interreligious encounters. This will occur within our organization and across the Northwestern community on both an intellectual and interpersonal level. Some examples of these programs are:

NUii will also act as a hub for religious programming on campus. We intend to be cognizant of religious groups and events, and to assist in raising awareness of religious programming. We will promote faith-based events by utilizing our members' networks.