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About the Study

This report represents data from 1,683 (80%) members of the Class of 2018. According to the University Registrar, 2,112 undergraduate students graduated in Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018.

Complete Report

The complete report will be generated soon.  Please see highlights below for a snapshot of our 2018 class.

Handout - Highlights

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Information about the first destination of the undergraduate class of 2018 was collected from the following sources:

Primary sources for data include:

The 2018 Post-Graduation Survey conducted by Northwestern Career Advancement between November 2018 and January 2019

Secondary sources for data include:

  • The National Student Clearinghouse
  • The Association of American Medical Colleges Advisor Information System database (Health Professions Advising)
  • One Northwestern undergraduate school and the Department of Athletics
  • LinkedIn