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NCA Interview Center


Parking Information

Parking permits are required to park on the Evanston Campus Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.

NCA Parking Instructions

  • Please park your car in the parking lot that surrounds our office where the signage indicates it is ok for "Yellow" or "Visitor" parking.
  • Enter our office and ask the receptionist for a visitors parking pass.
  • Return to your vehicle immediately and place the parking permit on your rearview mirror facing outwards.

Interview Center Parking Instructions

  • Please pull up to the west entrance of the Interview Center and our staff will provide a parking pass for your vehicle.
  • Available parking is located around the Interview Center and Career Services Building.
  • Remember to place the parking permit on your rearview mirror facing outwards.
  • Additional Parking Lots are available on campus or there may be street parking, but be aware most street parking in Evanston is strongly enforced at a 2 hour maximum limit.

Norris University Center


Career Fair Parking Instructions

If the event or fair set-up time is before 4:00pm you will need a permit to park on campus. For NCA events there will be staff positioned at the "Art Circle" on the Campus Drive by the Block Museum of Art. Please pull your vehicle up to our staff and they will provide a visitor's parking pass. Recommended parking lots for Norris University Center are Regenstein Hall Lot or the Lakeside Parking Structure.