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Internships are a critical part of the career development process. They help students decide what career they do (or don't) want to pursue. Once decided on an initial career path, internships also provide valuable experience and networks that lead to full-time jobs upon graduation. What if internships in your chosen field are unpaid and you cannot afford to work for free?

The Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP) was developed in part to answer that question. In 2007, the Associated Student Government, Northwestern Alumni Association, Northwestern Financial Aid Office and Northwestern Career Advancement collaborated to develop SIGP to fund stipends for students completing unpaid summer internships. In addition to financial benefits, the program was also created to provide a structured career development program designed to help improve students' career decision making and encourage reflection on their professional development.

So…why donate?

  • The majority of the students who apply, state that due to lack of financial resources, without the grant they would not be able to accept or participate in their internship.
  • We want to ensure all students have access to these career related opportunities and are encouraged to seek them out.
  • With the competitive economy and the changes in hiring patterns, internships are critical to undergraduate students' career success. 
  • Donations towards SIGP go directly to students to pay for living and travel expenses during the summer of their unpaid internship.

If you have any questions about SIGP, please contact Eleni Vartelas at Northwestern Career Advancement.

To donate please go to: