New Program Development

Once a new program is approved, the program development can begin. The following guidelines should be used when setting up new programs or making changes to existing programs. These guidelines aim to better support schools and departments and to provide a seamless experience for students. This will be accomplished by ensuring key central units are notified early in the process to work in collaboration with the unit to efficiently and effectively implement the program.

New Academic Program Checklist

The new Academic Program Checklist is a set of detailed questions to consider in developing and operationalizing a new academic program or making changes to an existing program. The answers to these questions will assist key central offices (listed below) in optimally supporting these  processes and will also be determinative of how much time is necessary to support implementation of a new program.  Please forward the completed checklist to and/or contact any of the central offices (listed below) to set up a meeting to discuss these questions in detail.

Process and Contact Information

If you have questions about completing the checklist, please feel free to contact any of the offices below, they will be able to further assist you with any questions you might have:

  • Office of Budget and Planning – Matt Bush, Senior Budget Analyst (847-491-4596)
  • Office of Financial Aid – Carolyn Lindley, University Director of Financial Aid (847-491-8557), or Emily Osborn, Director of Financial Aid-Chicago (312-503-6683)
  • Office of Financial Operations – Ingrid Stafford, Vice President of Finance Operations and Treasurer (847-491-7350)
  • Office of the Provost (Accreditation) – Andrea Bueschel, Associate Provost for Strategy and Policy (847-491-6699)
  • Office of the Provost (Programmatic) – Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Associate Provost for Faculty (847-491-8543)
  • Office of the Registrar – Jaci Casazza, University Registrar (847-491-4302)
  • Office of Student Accounts – Rebecca Parker, Director of Student Accounts (847-491-5224), and Josie Ravara, Business Systems Analyst (847-467-1664)
  • Student Enterprise Systems (SES) – Ann Dronen, Director of SES (847-491-8464)
  • The Graduate School –Craig Bina, Acting Dean of TGS (847-491-8502)
  • The International Office – Ravi Shankar, Director (847-491-5979)
  • Northwestern University Health Service – Lisa A. Teel, Manager Health Information Management Services (847-491-2203) or Ethlyn Pitts-Senecal, Insurance Supervisor (847-491-4134)
  • Northwestern University Library – Sarah M. Pritchard, Dean of Libraries (847-491-7640)