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Faculty Fitness for Duty

The goal of the Faculty Fitness Panel (FFP) is to protect members of the University community and to provide appropriate resources for faculty members who are in need of assistance. The primary function of the FFP is to determine whether a fitness for duty evaluation of the faculty member’s ability to fulfill their professional duties is warranted, based on the concern that the faculty member may be significantly impaired or disruptive, a threat to self or others, or unable to fulfill essential functions of their professional role.

The FFP cannot directly mandate interventions, but it may make recommendations to the dean of the faculty member’s school.

Northwestern is firmly committed to free expression and academic freedom. The University is equally committed to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and harassment-free environment for all members of its community and firmly believes that these two legitimate interests can coexist. Discrimination, harassment, retaliation, abusive behavior, or threatening behavior against members of the Northwestern community are not protected expression or the proper exercise of academic freedom. The University will uphold academic freedom in the examination of reports of disruptive or hostile behavior.

Faculty Fitness for Duty Policy (LINK TO FINAL PDF)

Faculty Fitness for Duty Process Map (LINK TO FINAL PDF)