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Faculty News: Fall 2017
This is the inaugural newsletter from the office of the Associate Provost for Faculty, designed to help facilitate communication and provide more information to you. The central role of this office is to support faculty across the university in your teaching, scholarship, creative work, and service. Along with our new Provost, Jonathan Holloway, our message to you is that our office is here to enhance excellence in research and in classrooms, empowering you to do your best work. One of our top priorities is to strengthen communication with faculty in all schools so that we can better serve you.

I look forward to building on our shared commitment to excellence at Northwestern and wish you a happy holiday season.

Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, PhD

Vice Provost for Academics

Associate Provost for Faculty

Frances Willard Professor of Human Development & Social Policy


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New Report on Gender Equity

We are pleased to share Women Faculty at Northwestern: An Overview, a report that examines gender equity at Northwestern. It provides a snapshot of numbers and percentages of tenure-line and clinical/instructional faculty by gender, rank, race/ethnicity, and the doctoral pipeline, and documents the gender breakdown of leadership positions and named chairs.

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Faculty Perspective Survey Reports Finalized

In collaboration with the Faculty Senate, we released four preliminary reports from the Faculty Perspectives Survey, sought faculty feedback, and now have finalized the reports with an addendum updating progress on actions taken. The final reports are available on our website.

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New Faculty Welcome Program

Provost Jonathan Holloway addressed new faculty during the closing reception at the Block Museum in September.


Reception for Women Faculty, Chicago Campus
April 12, 4:00 PM
Beverly Daniel Tatum, President Emerita of Spelman College and author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
April 19, 4:00 PM

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