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Deans Review Process


Provost Jonathan Holloway has recently implemented a new review process for deans at Northwestern University with the goal of ensuring that school strategies are aligned to University priorities and carried out effectively to further enhance Northwestern’s growing prominence and impact. The process will take place during the penultimate year of each dean’s five-year term. The primary goal of this process is to assess the strengths and areas of opportunity of the dean’s leadership.


The Provost will appoint a small faculty ad hoc review group to lead community engagement in their school and to provide the Provost with advisory input regarding the dean’s performance. The group will be asked to gather perspectives on the dean’s performance across criteria provided by the Office of the Provost. They will conduct a focused set of meetings with dean’s staff, department chairs and program directors, and representative student leaders. In order to gather perspectives from the larger school community, a survey developed with the Office of the Provost will be sent to all faculty and staff.

Current Review

Dean Adrian Randolph in Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences is the first dean to go through this process. Provost Jonathan Holloway has appointed a four-person faculty ad hoc review group to lead the engagement process and provide advisory input. 

The following faculty members are part of this ad hoc review group for Weinberg College:

A brief anonymous survey has been sent to all Weinberg faculty and staff and their input is requested by Wednesday, May 22nd.

If you have any questions or input on the survey or the process overall, please email