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Innovation in Teaching Series

The Garage, Northwestern’s hub for student entrepreneurship and innovation, in partnership with the Office of the Provost and the Faculty Distance Learning Workgroup, is pleased to present a program exploring new developments in teaching and learning: the Innovation in Teaching Series.

Pam Daniels, Clinical Assistant Professor and Design Innovator in Residence at The Segal Design Institute; Melissa Crounse Kaufman, Executive Director of the Garage; and Marianna Kepka, Assistant Provost for Academic Initiatives have organized a series of open houses, presentations, and panel discussions as a forum for showcasing exciting developments and building community throughout Northwestern around teaching innovation

Past Events

Design Innovation: What's all the Fuss About?

Thursday, June 7, 2018 

Greg Holderfield: Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science; Director, Segal Design Institute 

Enrollment in design classes at Northwestern is growing by almost 30% a year, and 1/3 of all undergrads end up taking a design class before graduating.  What's all the fuss about?  Come learn about human-centered design by experiencing it first-hand in this lunch & learn session, led by Professor Greg Holderfield, Director of the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering. 

Thinking Past Campus

Monday, October 30

Owen Youngman: Knight Professor of Digital Strategy - Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications

Students describe Owen Youngman as “creating an incredible environment where you can't help but engage."  Last year, he was one of the faculty members who taught in the Bay Area Immersion program to give students from our engineering and journalism programs opportunities to engage together at the intersection of design and media innovation.  He also played a role in creating the Knight Lab, which offers both classes and extracurricular opportunities on campus here in Evanston for students to participate in shaping media through exploration and experimentation. 

Owen shared his experiences and insight, including:

  • His approach to teaching within (and outside of) the classroom
  • Student impact from his programs. 
  • How taking these leaps has shaped his experience as a faculty member

A recent Bay Area immersion student said "He taught me to love learning again, and I will never forget the feeling of excitement I had walking into his classes each day." 

A Reinvention of the Research University

May 4, 2017

Christine Ortiz: Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Dean for Graduate education - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What does it look like when you reimagine the research university? What happens when you focus on project-based learning in a university that doesn’t have lectures, classrooms, or majors? Christine Ortiz, Northwestern's Distinguished Visiting Academic Innovator, has spent the last year finding out; Ortiz has taken leave from MIT in order to start a new residential, non-profit research university, one that is a dramatic departure from existing university models.

Panel on Active Learning Spaces

January 11, 2017

Bennett Goldberg moderates the panel on active learning spaces

Panelists included:

Bennett Goldberg (moderator): Director, Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching; Assistant Provost for Learning and Teaching

Michael Peshkin: Professor, Mechanical Engineering; McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science

Victoria Getis: Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies; Northwestern Information Technology

Tracy Hodgson: Assistant Professor of Instruction, Biological Sciences; Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

David Broz: Principal/ Education Practice Area Leader; Gensler

This event provided faculty and staff with an opportunity to hear from colleagues and experts who have used active learning spaces on campus in innovative ways. Active learning environments are designed to foster interactive, flexible teaching and learning. They are cooperative learning spaces that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching.

Social Media and Medical Education

October, 17, 2016

Michael Gisondi, MD, address the audience

Michael Gisondi: Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medical Education - Feinberg School of Medicine

Social media is changing the landscape of medical education. More specifically, it is enabling medical students to not only access timely information but to share it and use their networks to establish a reputation in a field that might otherwise take decades to accomplish. But, with that timeliness comes a big issue—the massive expanse of new content may appear official, but in many cases may not in fact contain reliable, actionable information. Michael Gisondi shared how he has used social media in his pedagogy at Feinberg.

Garage Open Houses

July 21, 2016

September 14, 2016

Networking at the Garage Open House

The 2016-2017 Innovation in Teaching Series kicked off with two lunch-and-learn events exploring new developments in teaching and learning across the University and beyond. Each event included opportunities for networking, Q&A sessions moderated to stimulate conversation on what types of projects and innovations instructors and staff would like to see, and hands-on virtual and augmented reality demonstrations.