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Membership and Benefits

The Faculty Handbook contains a comprehensive section on retirement procedures and eligibility for appointment to emeritus status.

Briefly, faculty members who retire at age 55 or later after at least ten years of continuous service on the Northwestern faculty are eligible for appointment to emeritus status. However, the appointments require the recommendation of the school dean, endorsement by the Provost, and approval of the Board of Trustees. See the handbook statement for more information.

In 2015, twenty-two faculty members and two NU librarians were appointed to emeritus status (see a list of all emeriti designated). NEO has more than 550 members. About 70% of NEO members still live in Illinois (greater Chicago area) and about 40% of those in Evanston. (See graphs of NEO members as of 2012.)

Membership in NEO, moreover, extends as well to retired professional staff who performed a core academic function (e.g., librarians) and retired senior administrative staff subject to a vote by NEO's Executive Council. (See NEO's Charter for more information.)

Emeriti Benefits