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To further the goals of the organization advocating for Northwestern Emeriti, two committees were formed based on a self-study that was completed within the Northwestern Emeriti Organization.

The two committees formed were the Program of Requirements (POR) on the NEO Center Committee and the Transitions to Retirement Committee. The current membership of the committees are listed below.

Program of Requirements (POR) on the NEO Center Committee:

Roger Boye
Michal Ginsberg
Jim Holland
Mort Rahimi (Chair)
David Stumpf
Ellen Wright

Transitions to Retirement Committee:

Gerry Baumann
Buck Crist
Erv Goldberg (Co-chair)
Jock McLane
Kathy Rundell (Co-chair)
John Ward

The Northwestern Emeriti Organization engaged in a self-study in order to identify opportunities to engage and enhance participation of faculty emeriti in the University's missions. Read the complete self-study HERE. The NEO also invited an outside expert, who specializes in college and university retirement organizations, to help advise on future plans and direction of the NEO organization. The outside consultant took a careful look at NEO's history, structure, governance, activities, University support, and connections with members in order to formulate specific recommendations for the organization. Review the complete report HERE.

In addition, there is a possibility of one or more committees being appointed in the coming months based on the future goals of the Northwestern Emeriti Organization.